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Speciality Waxes

WAXOILS offers hard Paraffin wax, Microcrystalline Wax, Ceresine Wax and Ozokerite Wax in Standard Grades as under:

Parameters Hard Paraffin Wax IP/BP/USP Microcrystalline Wax IP/NF Ceresine Wax Ozokerite Wax 702088
Cas# 8002-74-2 63231-60-7 8001-75-0 8021-55-4
Colour White Straw White White White
Form Slab Flakes Slab Slab Slab/Flakes
Melting Point °C 50-60 54-102 50-64 68-90
Penetration mm/10 ---- ---- 10-14 5-15

Waxoils can also custom make the above waxes specially focusing on required parameters like melting point and penetration, which are critical for skin care formulations.